Online Tools & Services


CPCC provides a number of online tools for students.  Click below to access these tools and more information about the tool.

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e-Learning / Distance Learning
Alternatives to attending traditional classes via various media and technologies, such as the following online learning platforms:

  • Blackboard - Our longest running online learning platform, and the choice of many of our instructors. FAQ.


You can store up to 30 MB of your school-related files online using CPCC's E-Locker network storage area.  This allows you to work with your files on a computer that is on-campus or off-campus*  without using a floppy disk or USB drive. If you use 'My Documents' while logged into a College workstation, you are already using your e-Locker!  (*Internet connection required for off-campus access.)

LAMP / Web Publishing
Using your e-Locker, you can make your files publicly available on the web via

My College
Manage your relationship with the college. You can register online, search course offerings, discover financial aid resources, check out alternate educational programs, or evaluate progress towards your current goals.

Online Schedule
Search for classes and plan your schedule. When you are ready to register for classes, visit My College.

Print Anywhere
Manage your student printing account online. The Print Anywhere service creates an account for each student, allotting the student a free quota of print jobs based on paid technology fees. Through Pay For Print, a student can keep track of print jobs made and can print documents from open computer labs, classrooms, or personal devices on any CPCC campus. Be sure to keep enough credit in your account to meet your printing needs.

CPCC Login
Your CPCC Login account allows you to login to CPCC's many personalized online services, and is required to register for classes online. It is also used to access online content for classes, and to login to computers in CPCC's many computer labs on campus.

Software Acquisition
Gain to access Microsoft software packages for a discounted price by registering for an account on this page.

Steps to Enroll
Interested in attending CPCC, but not sure how to get started?  This tool can help you figure it out.

Student Email
The official communication channel used by the College to keep you informed.

CPCC Cloud
CPCC cloud is a web-accessible virtual computing environment that allows students and staff to access the CPCC network from off-campus. CPCC Cloud is also used to provide specialized environments to students and staff.