Employee web space via U-drive (people.cpcc.edu)


Web space is provided via the U-Drive for CPCC employees to create personal homepages using college web resources. Use of this service is governed by the CPCC Use of Information Technology Policies.

In order to use your web space, you must have a valid College Network account. If you do not have one, please take a moment to review our information for new employees.

To use your employee webspace:
  • Connect to your U-Drive. The My Documents folder on your desktop is mapped to your U-Drive while you are logged into a College workstation with your network account. You can also reach your U-Drive remotely.
  • Create a folder named WWW
  • Save all public web content in the WWW folder
  • The following url format is used to access the index page created above:
    • http://firstName.lastName.people.cpcc.edu/
  • If your employee e-mail address is john.doe@cpcc.edu, the address is http://john.doe.people.cpcc.edu/


Important: By default your webspace will simply list the files in your 'www' folder. If you wish to obscure the listing of files, place an html file named 'index.html' directly in the 'www' folder. This file will replace the folder listing.

**DO NOT** place anything in this folder that you do not want to share with the world! Anything in your 'www' folder will be visible to anyone that happens to come across your page on the internet.