Windows 7 FAQs




 If you are an employee member attempting to login to a workstation in an instructional area, you must enter your username along with your domain using the standard format of <domain>\<username> or <username>@<domain>. For example:  


 My Documents / U Drive 

Windows 7 uses libraries to help organize your documents, pictures, music and other data. This changes the location of the "My Documents" folder; to access your “My Documents” folder:
  1.  Click the Start Button
  2. Click Documents
  3. Under Libraries, make sure Documents is selected.

You can also access your "My Documents" using the U: drive in Windows Explorer.

What version of Windows 7 are we using?

Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit

Why does my laptop give an error that it is not activated?

WIndows 7 Enterprise requires activation every 180 days. In order to activate/re-activate Windows 7, you must bring the laptop in to CPCC and plug it into a CPCC network port; CPCC wireless will not work. You can also bring the latop to ITS helpdesk to have them activate Windows 7.