Student Technology Centers


Locations & Hours of Operation for Student Technology Centers by campus.

All computers in Student Technology Centers (STC) contain at least the College Standard Software image.

Benefits of having a Student Technology Center:

  • Students can receive assistance with homework, lab, and class assignments. Faculty and ITS Analysts communicate continuously, staying up-to-date on new applications and assignments. Analysts prepare by reviewing class syllabus, text, and assignments received by Faculty and Program Chairs.
  • Instructors can send students into a center for an ITS, Analyst led, orientation on CPCC technology or specific class work.
  • An instructor who may be experiencing difficulty in a Smart Classroom or a Computer Classroom may request immediate assistance by the Onsite Analyst (Review the postings next to the telephone in each Smart or Computer Classroom) or through the ITS Helpdesk.
  • Instructional Software, unique to a particular program area which is available only in dedicated classrooms, can be installed in Student Technology Centers.  This makes the software available for students' use while dedicated rooms are secured or in session.  Software installation is contingent upon sufficient licensing.