Responsibility of Consumables

Consumables are defined as those items which are "used/consumed" and must be replenished.  Marker pens, printer paper, printer toner cartridges, and projector bulbs are typical consumables.

Information Technology Services (ITS) is responsible for technology consumables (printer toner cartridges, paper, and projector bulbs) for general computer classrooms, computer labs and smart classrooms.  If such a facility is a dedicated space for a particular program then that program area will cover the consumable costs.  This is also true for self supporting entities.
The college Printing Services is responsible for all consumables for their copiers and MFP’s (Copier/Scanner/Printer combo).
ITS help desk staff is available to facilitate the purchase of necessary items on behalf of the program areas when the area has provided a budget account number to charge.  A program's lab fees are appropriate source of funds for supporting consumable costs.  If no lab fees are charged then the program areas will have a supply budget indentified to support these costs.
As part of the College’s commitment to sustainability, ITS highly recommends use of recycled paper and printer toner cartridges. Recycled toner cartridges are available from Duraline Imaging Inc. (800-982-3872) per North Carolina state term contract 207A. Used toner cartridges should be returned to the contract vendor to avoid Core charges.  The vendor provides pre-paid shipping labels for return of used cartridges. New cartridges may ONLY be purchased if refurbished ones are not available.
Thank you for your contribution to protecting our environment.