OWA Share Drive Access

Outlook Web Access (https://owa.cpcc.edu) has a built-in tool for remote access to your network file storage that is simple and easy to use. You MUST use Internet Explorer when following the steps below.

How to access files and folders with CPCC’s Microsoft Office Web Access client (owa.cpcc.edu):

Open Internet Explorer and go to https://owa.cpcc.edu.  Once you’re there, type in your CPCC network username and password.

Once logged in, select the “documents” button on the lower left hand side.

Once in the documents area, click on the “Open Location” link.  Type in the following depending on the access you need.

  • U: Drive (My Documents)
    \\drives.cpcc.edu\users\<username>  (replace <username> with your username)
  • H: Drive (Data)
  • J: Drive (Apps)
  • Z: Drive (Allshare)

Once you’ve added the drive needed, you can click “Add to Favorites” so this is available for your next session.

Please note, this interface is read-only.  It you would like to modify or upload files select the “Open in Windows Explorer” link.