Network File Storage (Share Drives)

ITS provides network file storage services that allow staff to collaborate and share documents, store work related files securely on the CPCC network, and enjoy the benefits of regular backups and access to the files from anywhere on the internet.

  • U-Drive – Network File Storage for each employee.  If you use 'My Documents' while logged into a College workstation, you are already using your U-Drive.
  • H-Drive – Network File Storage for Departments. Store shared files in your department share on the H-Drive.

Accessing Network File Storage

We provide multiple methods of accessing network file storage. If you are working on a CPCC workstation, the U-Drive and H-Drive can be located by clicking on the Start menu and selecting My Computer. The share drives are located under Network Location. If you are off-campus, please use one of the methods shown below: