Multi Function Printer (MFP) FAQ


1. What is an MFP?
MFP stands for Multi Functional Printer/Peripheral, also sometimes referred to as AIOs or All-In-Ones. An MFP is hardware that combines several functions in a single unit, such as fax, copier, printer and scanner capabilities.

2. How can using an MFP benefit me?
An MFP reduces time in printing documents and saves the department money. It is the first step in facilitating document imaging and work flow to the College community.

3. What functions or services are available on an MFP?
An MFP can Fax, Print, Scan to e-mail and Copy and provides other finishing options, including stapling, creating booklets and duplexity.

4. How can I find an MFP unit?
The process through which a user prints to an MFP is identical to that required when printing to a network printer. Attach and print to a nearby unit by following the Add a New Printer wizard. Once the MFP has been added to the user’s workstation it can be selected and set as the default printer. For detailed instructions on finding and adding an MFP unit, view the ITS Help Desk Documents.

5. What support is provided for an MFP Unit and how is it obtained?
Technical support can be obtained by contacting the Help Desk for issues such as low toner and paper jams. Issues regarding billing and payment should be directed to Campus Printing. Requests for service will be prioritized based on the criteria outlined in the Service Level Agreement.


6. How is my department charged for using an MFP?
Departments are charged based on per-click prices for both printing and copying. Incurred charges are assessed in monthly reports by Campus Printing. For detailed information regarding the charge back system, employees should contact Campus Printing by phone at (704) 330-6502 or by e-mail at

7. What is the SLA for an MFP?
The service level agreement for an MFP is stated in the Help Desk Operations document.

8. How can I print to an MFP Unit?
Printing to an MFP is just like printing to a network printer. Once the MFP has been added to the user’s workstation it can be selected and set as the default printer.  (Adding a Printer to Your Computer)

9. What is finishing and which functions can I use?
Finishing consists of all preparations made to a document after it is printed, such as sorting, stapling, and creating booklets.

To access the finishing properties, follow the steps to select a Printer (i.e the unit you want to print to, local printer or network printer). From this window select the appropriate printer from the drop down menu titled Name. Next, click on the Properties box located in the top right hand corner. For more information on using these features view the ITS Help Desk Documents.

10. How can I print on both sides of the paper (i.e., double-sided printing)?
A document can be printed on both sides of a page by selecting the Print on Both sides (or duplex) option from the Layout tab.

11. Why should I use finishing options? How can this help me?
Finishing options save time and can also increase the efficacy of the documents that are prepared for dispersal, storage and/or presentation.


12. How can I create copies?
Place the desired document into the tray at the top of the MFP. Make sure the text is facing upwards.

By default, the MFP is set to the copy function. Pressing the Start button will crate a copy of your document, which will be dispensed into the tray on the upper left hand side of the machine.

13. How can I enlarge?
You can enlarge a document using the touch screen on the MFP.

14. How can I find help on other copying features?
Support is available from the Help Desk for any questions regarding the MFP's copying features. For advanced copying functions, view our user manuals available at the ITS Help Desk Documents site.


15. How long will it take for me to receive scanned images?
Images scanned from an MFP will be delivered to the recipient(s) immediately after the function is performed.

16. How can I scan?
Place document on top of feeder, select Scan button to choose scan function. From the touch screen, select address book, chose name of recipient, select To and then end. Press the green button to start task.

17. Where does the message go?
The user has the option to send the message to any client listed in either the local or global address book. The scanned image will appear in the chosen recipient’s inbox.

18. Should I send a message directly to someone from an MFP?
It is not recommended that a document be sent directly to a recipient without first being edited by the sender. To send the item to your own inbox first, find your name in the address book and scan the image to yourself.

19. What is the local address book?
The local address book contains the names of employees in a certain department or stationary workgroup to allow for quick sending of information.

20.How does an entry become populated into the address book?
Inputting names into the local address book is a manual process. Requests for entry into a local address book can be made by contacting the ITS Help Desk. Please cite your name, department and location in the request. All employees’ names can be found in the global address book.

21. What is the global address book?
The global address book contains the names of all employees of the college, regardless of department. It is possible to search the global address book using an employee’s name.


22. Can I send and receive faxes from the MFP?
Outbound faxing can be done through the use of an MFP. To send a fax, select the Fax option by clicking the corresponding button and enter the recipient’s fax number. Only outbound faxing can be done from an MFP unit. Inbound faxing will be done through Communite'. For more info on inbound faxing see the ITS FAQ on Communite' faxing.

23. How can I identify the Fax Number of an MFP?
Fax numbers can be located on the top of the unit.

24. How do I fax?
Enter the desired document into the upper tray. Select the fax function by pressing the Fax button. When ready, hit the green button to initiate task.


25. How do I obtain printing consumables such as toner, paper or staples?
Should additional consumables be required, contact the Help Desk. A service request detailing the need will be opened and routed to Campus Printing (x6502).

Charge back

26. What is a campus charge back system?
The Campus Charge-Back system accounts for each print job performed within a department. Campus Printing is responsible for maintaining the Charge Back system and can be contacted by phone at x6502 or by e-mail at

27. Why do we have a charge back system for printing?
The Charge-Back system allows the tracking of each department’s printing needs as well as the printing needs of the entire College.