New Employee Account Creation FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions:



What is SNAPe?
SNAPe stands for Single Network Account Pass for Employees. The term SNAP has since been rebranded and is now called CPCC Login which applies to both students and employees. For now, SNAPe is used only for new employees to create a network account. Eventually, there are plans to extend this project to all individuals at the college, both employees and students.

How do I access the employee account creation web site to create my network account?
New employees can navigate to to create a network account.

Do you have a Colleague ID?
In order to use the computers and online services at CPCC, you must have a college issued username and password that uniquely identifies you on the CPCC network.  To obtain a network login, you must first have a Colleague ID which can be either your Student or Employee ID (both the same 7 digit number).  New employees are entered into the system by Human Resources upon being hired; new students obtain this number after applying and being accepted to the College. If you are unsure of your Colleague ID and are an employee, please contact the Human Resources department at 704-330-6631 or look up your ID number online at

I cannot create an account or get past the first screen because the system cannot find me.
You must have a Colleague ID to create a network account. If you are certain you are correctly entering your Colleague ID and date of birth, please contact Human Resources at 704-330-6632 to confirm your information is correctly entered into your file. Students should contact Admissions and Registration at 704-330-6006.

What is my e-mail address and username?
The new account creation process will provide you with an e-mail address and username. E-mail addresses are typically formatted If a preferred first name was provided during the hiring process, you may have the option to choose from either format, or Please note there is a period separator (.) between the first and last name. E-mail addresses are not case sensitive.

Usernames will typically be formatted using the first initial of your last, first and middle name followed by the last four (4) digits of your Colleague ID, then an ‘e’ for employee. For example, John A. Doe with Colleague ID 1234567 will have a username of dja4567e.

How long will it take to setup my network account?
For integration purposes, your information, such as your name and Colleague ID, originate from the Human Resources department and will propagate to other computer systems at the College. For this reason, you should be able to create a network account no longer than one (1) hour after you have been given your Employee ID number, however it may take up to 24 hours once you create your network account for it to become fully active on all computer systems.

What will my network account have access to when it is completely setup and after 24 hours?
Newly created network accounts will have basic online services enabled permitting access to the following:

  • Workstation login (login to CPCC domain)
  • Employee e-mail
  • WebAdvisor
  • Blackboard/ Moodle
  • CPCC Login

If additional access is needed to perform job responsibilities, the employee or supervisor must request these changes through the submission of a Network Access Change Request form. An office telephone number can be requested though the submission of a Telecommunications Service Change Request form. Please visit the service request section of the ITS Help Desk web site to view the services and forms available to you.

Your supervisor or department liaison may have to setup your network account with print quota allowing you to print to a network printer from a workstation. Additionally, the department liaison may also create an initial E-Directory profile which you can customize. E-Directory is the electronic form of the college’s telephone directory.

What are secret questions and how do I reset my password?
Secret questions are used to help you reset your password in the event you forget it. These questions are integrated into an older account management system which will eventually be upgraded. During account creation, you will not have to ability to create secret questions, but we encourage you to visit CPCC Login to setup these questions as well as view other important account information.

Your network account password can be changed after logging into a computer on campus and pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL and select Change Password. Alternatively, you can login to CPCC Login with your current password and select the option to change it via the web.

While not part of the initial release of the new account creation process, we anticipate offering an alternative to secret questions by utilizing a secondary e-mail or phone number in which to assist with resetting your password.

Why was my supervisor not notified when I created an account?
Your supervisor may not have received an e-mail notification when you created your account if you were not assigned a position by Human Resources when hired. This scenario could occur if your network account was created immediately after your Colleague ID was assigned, not allowing the administrative departments enough time to fully complete your position record.

To mitigate this issue, these problems are recorded and checked daily for accounts that do not have a supervisor assigned.

Supervisors may receive e-mail notifications for new employees they do not oversee.
The position’s supervisor information may not be accurate. These issues should be addressed by the Human Resources department and the area supervisor.

How to change the 4 digits in an employee username?
Phase 1 of this project will not address this issue, however once implemented, the SNAPe project addresses new employee accounts which are created from there on. ITS will be working to create a workflow to address existing employees wishing to update the 4 digits in their username with their employee ID on demand.

What systems, services or permissions will be updated for existing employee accounts if I ask for a new network account using the last 4 digits of my Colleague ID?

  • Colleague
  • Departmental network share
  • Unique identifier between Web Advisor and Active Directory to maintain integration