Timeline of LMS Activities

Timeline of LMS Activities

StatusMaintenance Window
(7am to 7am)
Scheduled 3/12/2019 CE1/Spring 2019
Scheduled 5/16/2019 CE1/Spring 2019
Scheduled July 23-25,2019 CE2/Summer 2019
Scheduled 10/14/2019 CE3/Fall 2019
Scheduled 12/17/2019 CE3/Fall 2019


Blackboard section shells/placeholders for the semester are currently available for instructors to begin copying and editing. Section shells for a term are created based on the information entered in the CODs (Course Origination Documents) for that term. All courses regardless of delivery type will have a Blackboard shell created. Shells are only accessible to the instructor of record listed in the COD.

Combining several class sections in Blackboard
Multiple course shells can be combined using the “Combine Course Sections” functionality available on the CAW website. The combined shell will appear in the corresponding LMS within 6 hours.

Creating new master courses
Master courses for Blackboard can be created at any time by selecting the 'Request Master' option in CAW. For more information regarding master shells, please visit the "What is the difference between Masters and Shells?" resource.

Copying course content into section shells
For system performance reasons, course copying by instructors may be restricted during the first 3 days of classes. If the course copy feature is made unavailable to instructors, notice will be given on the login page and in a system announcement. During this time, program chairs or instructors are required to contact the ITS Helpdesk to request a course copy. Requests will be processed in the order in which they are received. Please allow up to 5 business days for the completion of these requests. Copying instructions can be found here.

Batch copying
If an instructor needs course content copied into more than 5 section shells, a batch copying service is available on the CAW website. All batch copy requests are acted on in the following order: Fully online classes and then earliest start dates of hybrid classes.

Student enrollment in class section shells

Students will be automatically enrolled in their Blackboard section shells on the official start date for the course listed in the COD.

Course Availability

Online sections labeled (IN), Hybrid (HY) and TeleWeb (TW) will automatically be made “Available” on the start date of the courses.

All other courses that have not been enabled automatically can be made “Available” by the instructor. Instructions for modifying course availability can be obtained here. For additional assistance, instructors can contact Instructional Development at phone704-330-6111 or email emaileLearning.

Prior semester section shells will be accessible to instructors for one year after the end of the term.

To contact students prior to the start date of class

An email distribution list for all class sections will be available on the CAW website one week before start of semester. This tool can be accessed by clicking on “Class Email Lists” on the CAW website. It can be used by instructors to email their students before class begins.

An email broadcast will be sent to all currently registered CPCC. This message will alert them on the necessity of looking up their CPCC Login (formerly SNAP) accounts before their first class meeting. It will also contain additional information on using the CPCC Login credentials to access online courses and other services at CPCC.

The online grading application
The online grading application is available by accessing the WebEmployee website. College policy requires instructors to submit final grade rosters electronically no later than 48 hours after the official end of the class as reported on the COD. Grades submitted electronically after the 48 hour deadline will be considered late and students affected will not receive notification of their grades. For additional assistance with the grading process, please contact the ITS Helpdesk.

Student access to classes after the official end date (including incompletes)
For curriculum courses, Blackboard course shells will automatically become unavailable to all students (including students with incompletes) 72 hours after the end of the semester. CCE classes are exempted from this action and will not be made unavailable.

In the case of a curriculum student with an incomplete, instructors may make the shell available. For assistance with with this, contact eLearning.

Students may access their final grades by logging in to MyCollege.

Scheduled System Maintenance

Blackboard may be unavailable during the hours of 3:00 am – 7:00 am on Fridays for maintenance. In addition, longer maintenance windows are scheduled throughout the year, and will be posted on the Blackboard splash page. For the latest maintenance schedule, see the top of this page.

Assistance and Support
If you need training or hands-on assistance with course design or related instructional matters, please contact eLearning/Instructional Development at phone704-330-6111 or send an emailemail.


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