Windows Security Resources

Apple Security Resources

General Security Resources

  • - This website is sponsored by the National Cyber Security Alliance. Within the site is a plethora of different articles detailing how to properly protect yourself from cyber crime.
  • Google "Stay Safe Online" - This website offers tips and tricks to keep you safe online.  Some of the topics included are Phishing, Malware, Secure Sites, Ad Scams, and Shopping safety, as well as other important information security tips.
  • SonicWALL Phishing and Spam IQ Quiz – This a short online quiz to test your knowledge in regards to phishing and spam emails.  It also provides detailed descriptions about how to identify these emails.
  • Secunia - Excellent website that tracks vulnerabilities, new viruses, and provides statistics and historical data.
  • SANS Internet Storm Center - This website provides information on threats, trends, and overall Internet health. The handler-on-duty daily diaries provide excellent tips and other information.

CPCC Security Resources

  • SaaS Requirements - This document contains the Software as a Service requirements that SaaS vendors must comply with for use of their product at the college.
  • P2P Compliance Policy – The Higher Education Opportunity Act stipulates compliance with Digital Millennium Copyright Act, prohibiting illegal peer to peer file sharing.  This document shows CPCC’s commitment to meeting these requirements.

Mobile Device Security Resources

WiFi Security Resources

  • HTTPS Everywhere - This is a plug-in for Mozilla Firefox that forces sites that support HTTPS, to use it by default.