Student Printing

A Video Tutorial explaining how to print at the College is available for Students.

Print Quota

Curriculum students are awarded a certain amount of print quota each semester based on the amount of credit hours on their registration.  There is a maximum of $16 allotted per semester.  You also have the ability to add additional print quota credits through the system. Every fiscal year between the Spring and Summer semesters the awarded print quota credits that are not used are purged from the system.  Student personally funded print balances that are above $5 and are still in the system at the end of the fiscal year are refunded.  Student personally funded print balances that are below $5 will remain in the user's account.

You can check you print quota at any pay for print printer or by logging into My Print Center(MPC).

To add print quota to your printing account you'll want to login to My Print Center(MPC).  In MPC you'll be able to add print quota with a credit card by clicking on Add Funds.

How to Print

With Print Anywhere there are two steps you have to consider to print a document.

Step One:  Print

When you send a document to the print servers it will not print out at a printer until you're ready.  The print job is sent to our print servers and it waits for you to release it at a pay for print printer.  There are 3 different ways to print.

CPCC Network Computer

    • The same way you printed from a CPCC networked computer previously is the same way you'll print with PrintAnywhere.  The only change is that you'll select one of the following print queues to send your job.  These print queues will be automatically installed on every CPCC networked computer.
      • BW__PrintAnywhere
      • Color__PrintAnywhere

Personal computing device

    • MyPrintCenter (MPC) - you can upload a document to MPC for printing at a pay for print printer.

    • Email Submission - you can email attachments to MPC for printing at a pay for print printer.  Use one of the following email addresses to send your print.

Step Two:  Release

When you're ready to get your document you need to find a pay for print printer and release the print job.  When you're at a pay for print printer you'll want to touch the screen to enter your CPCC network login. Review the Quick Reference Poster hung nearby each pay for print printer

Multi-Function Device (MFD)

    • Multi-Function Devices are printing and copying machines strategically placed throughout buildings.  Mainly in the libraries, office suites, and open student areas.

Omega Printing Terminal

    • The omega printing terminals have been attached to printers in computer classrooms.  The omega terminals give the single function printers the ability for you to login with your CPCC network Login.  You'll use the omega terminal to release your print job when necessary.

Note: Print jobs will be removed from the system after 72 hours.  If 72 hours have passed you'll need to print the job again.