What is a MFD?
MFD stands for Multi Functional Device (MFD), also sometimes referred to as AIOs or All-In-Ones. An MFD is hardware that combines several functions in a single unit, such as fax, copier, printer and scanner capabilities.

How can using an MFD benefit me?
An MFP reduces time in printing documents and saves the department money. It is the first step in facilitating document imaging and work flow to the College community.

What functions or services are available on an MFD?
An MFD can Fax, Print, Scan to e-mail and Copy and provides other finishing options, including stapling, creating booklets and duplexity.

How can I find a Print Anywhere MFD unit?
Most MFD are connected to the Print Anywhere system

What support is provided for an MFD Unit and how is it obtained?
Technical support can be obtained by contacting the Help Desk for issues such as low toner and paper jams, issues with Print Anywhere system, or printer errors.

How do I obtain printing consumables such as toner, paper or staples?
Should additional consumables be required, contact the Help Desk. A service request detailing the need will be opened and routed to Campus Printing.

What is Print Anywhere?
Print Anywhere is the new print management system that allows users to manage their print quota, print to any CPCC managed printer, and allows for accurate reporting of College printing.

Where can I find a Print Anywhere MFD or Omega Terminal single function printer?
Multi-Function Devices are printing and copying machines strategically placed throughout buildings.  They can be found in the libraries, office suites, and open student areas.  Omega Terminals for controlling single function printer would be located in computer classrooms

Where do I go to check my print balance?
You can currently review your balance at the printer or in My Print Center

Why did my single page document print out as multiple pages?
This may occur when submitting via My Print Center (MPC) or email submission.  If the documents are not formatted to fit on one page.  These systems require print-ready files.   You will need to ensure you set up your document to fit on standard letter (8.5 x 11) page size before uploading or submitting via email to MPC.  As an alternative, you can use a CPCC networked computer and will be able to use the print driver to manage the paper output.

What happens if I submit a job via personal email and need to associate it with CPCC account?
Multiple email address can be linked to an account.  When you go to release your print, you'll be able to link your email address to your CPCC Login.

Is there a cost incentive to print duplex?
While your print cost isn’t impacted by duplex printing, your department will save money through reduced paper consumption

How can I print on both sides of the paper (i.e., duplex)?
All Print Anywhere devices are set to automatically print duplex.  If you don't want your print out to be on both sides you can remove the duplex setting in the printer options.

Is Google Cloud print supported?
While Google Cloud print isn’t currently supported, anyone without full driver functionality using a computer such as a Chromebook can use My Print Center or submit their job via email submission.

I carry multiple RFID badges.  Will that cause any swiping issues if I don't seperate them?
Employees can use their RFID CPCC ID badge to login to a MFD.  If they carry multiple RFID badges they will need to remove their CPCC employee ID from their wallet or card holder when attempting to login.

What is the minimum and maximum amount of funds I can add to my account via a credit card?

The minimum is $1 and the maximum is $50