“Print Anywhere” News and Updates

Update:  March 28, 2019

Some users have not been receiving the new print queues on their office computers.  This is due to a required computer restart that must be completed before the new print queues will be installed and the old ones will be removed.  If you are not seeing the new print queues, you will need to restart your computer.

We also have an update on issues with scan to email and faxing on multi-function devices.  The vendor that has been working to correct the “Quota Service Error” message that some users have been experiencing when attempting to scan to email or fax has been resolved.


Update:  March 26, 2019

We've completed the migration of managed print devices to the Print Anywhere system.  We are working on some Multi-Function Devices that are having issues with the new software.

Known Issues:

When attempting to Scan to Email some users are experiencing a "Quota Service error".

If an user is unable to access Scan to Email due to a quota error, the user should try this work around:

  1. Instead of pressing "Scan to Email", press the "Print Release" or "Copy" on the multi-function device.
  2. Sign in with your CPCC Login network username and password
  3. Press the Home or Back button on the control panel to go to the main menu.
  4. Press Scan to Email.

This work around will bypass the user quota error and allow you to scan to email.  We're working with the vendor to correct this issue.



Migration Information

ITS will be migrating the print management and pay for print systems to a consolidated new system called Print Anywhere. The conversion will take place between March 11th and March 22nd. During the migration you will still be able to print. Please review the printer conversion schedule below to know when to expect your area’s managed printer to be migrated to the new system.  Once your area’s printer has been migrated, you’ll begin using the new system.

Conversion Dates:

Starting March 11th we will be migrating student printers to the new system.

March 11th - March 16th:  Student Printer Conversion

  • Central Campus - March 11th - March 12th

  • Cato Campus, City View, WTVI - March 13th

  • Harper, Harris, Merancas - March 14th

  • Levine - March 15th

Starting March 19th we will be migrating faculty and staff printers to the new system. Once your area’s printer has been migrated, you’ll begin using the new system.

March 18th - March 22nd:  Facutly/Staff Printer Conversion

  • Central Campus - March 18th - March 20th

  • Harper, Levine, Ballentyne, WTVI - March 21st

  • Harris, Merancas, Cato - March 22nd

Whats New:

  • You are now able to print your job, then retrieve it—when you want—at any pay-for-print device
  • This offers more access to printing, in more convenient locations, and with increased security for your confidential documents.
  • This program will deliver both cost and environmental savings to individuals, departments and the College, by reducing prints made in error

Benefits include the following:

  • Printing is confidential to the user—you will be able to release your documents on your own time.
  • Reductions in printed waste—no more documents left uncollected at the multi-function device (MFD) or printer.
  • Savings—if you send multiple versions of a document to an MFD or printer, you can delete any versions you don’t want before printing them, thus savings paper, toner, and energy.
  • Increased convenience and productivity—you can release your documents from any enabled device (e.g., if a device is down, you can get your documents from a nearby MFD or printer).


Training and Support Information:

A Quick Reference Poster will be available by the device with detailed instructions about releasing your print jobs.

    General printing information and video tutorials are available at these sites:

      Faculty/Staff Departmental Print Funds Liaison Training

      In person training located in HL310 to review budget process and system funding procedure.  Registration in LearnerWeb will be available for registration.

      Print Funding Liaison Training Training Dates:

      • March 12th from 3pm to 4pm
      • March 14th from 1pm to 2pm (WebEx)
      • March 19th from 1pm to 2pm