Service Process for MFP Units

  1. CPCC Employees will place a service request with the Help Desk. The Help Desk will follow standard operating process stated in the Help Desk Operating Process.
  2. ITS will attempt to resolve the issue by using resources available on the ITS Share Point Site.
  3. The ITS Technician assigned to the case will then place a service request with Technocom’s Technical Support Line at 704.849.5200.
  4. Technocom’s Technical Support Staff will respond to the case within 4 business hours. Technocom, must contact the Help Desk at 704.330.5000 at least 1 hour before a technician is to arrive on any CPCC Site. ITS will assign a technician to assist the Technocom case while on site.
  5. Once the issue has been resolved, Technocom will email the ITS Help Desk, the technical assigned to the case, and the Supervisor of Client Service to the cause and resolution to the incident.