Learning Management Systems SLA


  • Master Shells
  • Semester Shells
    • Semester shells will be made available one month prior to the end of a semester.
    • Beyond the official end date of a semester, Faculty will continue to have access to their section shells for seven days beyond the semester end date. 
    • Students will have access to section shells to which they are enroll on the first official day of the class if it is an ‘online’ IN class.
    • Students will gain access to Hybrid sections shells when the instructor chooses to make them available.
    • Students no longer have access to sections shells after the official class end date. To view grades they should go to http://mycollege.cpcc.edu/
  • Additional Course Section Shells After Batch Creation
    • To have a section shell created that was not requested via the COD, an email from the respective Dean or Division Director with all COD information should be sent to the VC Director for approval. Approvals for additional shells are contingent upon the capacity of the system.

Course Accessibility Before Class Start Date
A May 27, 2004 NCCCS memorandum CC04-109 addresses distance education courses. The memorandum states, “In order to report student hours in membership for any non-traditional delivery courses, all activities to include, course orientation, must occur on or after the official start date of the class for which the student is enrolled.”

Outages for maintenance are necessary. It is generally acknowledged that at CPCC we always have students using the system so there is truly no "good" time for an outage.

The different types of outages are:
  • planned outages for regular maintenance - These dates are posted to the LMS  login pages at beginning of the semester.  (Usually occurs on 3 dates for 4 hours). Instructors will be able to work around these dates with significant notice.
  • unplanned outages which must be taken to fix an urgent problem - If an outage must be taken to rectify an immediate problem then an announcement will be made.
  • planned outages to fix problems which are not urgent - When an outage must be taken for a patch, fix etc. but there is no urgent problem, date accommodations can be made for programs with testing etc. This type of outage requires input from program areas.
Again, given the round the clock nature of e-learning there is no perfect time to take an outage. But we can try to choose times which impact the fewest students.

Communication Plan
  • A ‘Timeline of LMS Activities’ notice is published via email broadcast a month prior to the start of the coming semester. It includes dates and details instructors need to be aware of in regard to using the LMS for course content delivery.
  • Students receive an email message a week prior to the semester start date informing them about the CPCC Login site and their need to activate their Blackboard or Moodle account.
  • Unplanned outages will be communicated via email broadcast and posted to the LMS login pages.

Software Error Reporting
When an error is reported, ITS takes the following steps:
  • A Support Request (SR) ticket is opened
  • An Analyst attempts to replicate the issue (in collaboration with the instructor) within 2 business days if it is not critical, or ASAP when it is critical
  • A ticket with Blackboard is opened (when appropriate)
  • Regular contact is maintained with our Bb account rep, (priorities are regularly adjusted by giving them our top issues)
  • An analyst follows up with the individual who reported the issue
  • The issue is posted on the "known issues" page
  • Progress on the issue is posted on the "known issues" page

When the issue is resolved or addressed, ITS takes the following steps:
  • The issue's resolution (which could be a fix or a new version) is announced
  • Contacts the individual who reported the issue and informs them of the resolution
  • Moves the issue to the “known issues or resolved issues” page
  • Closes the ticket