Blackboard SLA for Students

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First Level Support

First line help desk support 5000
M - T 7:30 am - 9:30 pm
F - 7:30 am - 5:00 pm
Sa - 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

The individuals taking these calls must have basic understanding of the LMS (Blackboard)
a. General Information on all student online services. Network login, Blackboard, e-locker, e-printing.
b. How do I register online?
c. Access (passwords, connectivity)
d. Browser issues
e. Why doesn’t my course appear in Bb?
f. Why haven’t I heard from my instructor?
g. Request to preview online course
h. Return calls to students


VC - Currently no first line student support unless a student walks in or is referred to us by their instructor.

Library / ITS Lab Facilitators -
Open Computer Lab facilitators / library facilitators can assist with this.

Faculty- The instructors must inform their students how to use this tool;
Questions about LMS Processes – “How to”
a. how does Bb work?
b. how can I take a quiz?
c. How do Bb tools work?
-Submitting assignments
-Using the DropBox
-Using the Discussion Board
-Using Virtual Classroom/Chat

(This can be communicated by instructor in class, via syllabi and supported by web info.)

Second Level Support

Second level LMS support

Student Problems with the LMS first go to Instructor and then ITS if instructor cannot answer.
a. My course cartridge key doesn’t work
b. I can’t see my grades
c. I can’t access my test
d. I need to have my test reset
e. how can I integrate other applics. within my Bb course?

Second level support for distance student services

Erin Reed, VC ESS Coordinator
a. set up proctored tests
b. FAQs related to Std. Svcs
c. Library
d. Counseling/advisement
e. Financial Aid

Third Level Support