Computer Classroom and Open Lab Usage Policies


Instructional Technology Services maintains over 170 computer labs and classrooms intended for student use, both in open labs and structured classroom environments. These machines are used for many different purposes and potentially by many different people each day.

Storage of data on lab machines is not supported.
In order to keep these machines working properly the hard drives are regularly formatted and reconfigured. It is recommended that students store their data on USB mass storage/thumb storage. ITS cannot take responsibility for the loss of any data stored on lab or classroom machines.

We also request that no software be installed on lab machines. This includes shareware and freeware. Installation of software creates licensing liabilities, as well as the potential for software incompatibilities.

Privately owned equipment may not be connected via media cabling to the college network. However privately owned equipment which is wirelessly enabled may be connected. For connecting wireless devices please refer to the following page

College Policies

Use of CPCC Information Technologies 6.20

Electronic Mail 6.21

Network and Internet Access 6.23