CPCC Org Chart FAQ

Organizational charts make it easy for employees to understand the college structure and their role in achieving college objectives. The organization chart can help users visualize the current structure, create scenarios to plan for change and to communicate organizational information across the college.

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Inaccuracy in the Org Chart
How to Submit a Correction
Vacancy Not Showing for Position with Incumbent
Org Chart User Guides
Get Started with Planning Charts
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Inaccuracy in the Org Chart

Timing is important. When an employee changes positions within the college, many departments work together to ensure a seamless transition. Depending on approvals, a person may not be moved into a new position until everything is finalized. Similarly, the old positions may not be ended immediately and could "appear" to be a vacancy when there really isn't a vacancy. Please allow up to 10 business days for updates to show on the Org chart. Feel free to contact Position Budget if you have any questions or concerns.

How to Submit a Correction

Position Budget must receive approval from the appropriate area below before making any corrections. Please allow 10 business days for the change to be reflected in Colleague and on the organizational chart for items for such as new position requests, terminations, reorg, name changes, etc.

  • Department Name Change

    Curriculum Only (Division 3) – Send requests to Instructional Course Management. Instructional Course Management will ascertain approval and forward to Position Budget for processing.

    Non-Curriculum (Division 1, 2, 3*, 4, 5 & 6) – Send requests to the unit Vice President for approval and they will forward to Position Budget for processing.

  • Position Title or Department Reorganization

    Requests originate with the unit Vice President and are forwarded to Position Budget for processing.

  • Employee Name Change

    Submit requests to Human Resources.

Vacancy Not Showing for Position with Incumbent

Currently we do not allow the organizational chart to show a position vacant if two or more employees share the same position number. However, it will show it as vacant if no one is currently in that position. Look for an update to this in the future.

User Guides - Aquire Organizational Planning Chart

  • Organizational Planning Charts - Open Manual
  • Create and Use an Organizational Planning Chart - Video - 22 min
  • Organizational plan reporting and data export - Video - 13 min
  • Using the Change icon, chart action button, and cut box feedback - Video - 10 min

Getting Started with Aquire's OrgPublisher Organizational Planning Charts

Use the planning enabled charts to get started designing your area's reporting structure. Save these files to your workstation for future use.

Setup and Install OrgPlan Plugin
  1. Make sure your browser is Microsoft's Internet Explorer
  2. Chose to start with either an 'empty chart' or the CPCC chart by selecting 'planning chart for managers'
  3. You must have been setup with access prior to using a managers chart.
  4. After a planning chart is launched, you may be prompted to install a plugin
  5. Be aware this may take a few moment to install. Accept the prompts on the screen
  6. If the planning plugin is already installed, the chart will load if you have access
  7. The initial chart is the server's copy and not editable so before you make changes, you must create a new personal offline copy. See below
Create a New Chart for Editing
  1. Click on Organizational Planning button (top left of the window)
  2. A dialog box will appear. Read the next step carefully.
  3. Move the chart location from the My Documents folder to your U drive (U:\) or desktop. (Note: A UNC network path will not work however a mapped drive will. Use a mapped path like U:\ by navigating through My Computer, alternatively, place the folder location on the local machine such as the desktop.)
  4. Double check that chart location is moved to the U:\ drive or a local path such as the desktop
  5. Click New to create a new chart from the server's copy or template
  6. Type a chart name, such as 'My OrgChart'
  7. Any Manager chart requires a user password since they contain employee names. Enter a password.
  8. Click 'Create and Edit Chart' to finish.
  9. The chart may prompt for the password when it is opened. Enter the password.
  10. Note that the browser URL has changed and has opened the chart that was just created. The chart is now editable.
  11. Users can rearrange, add, delete and modify titles, boxes, positions and people, print the chart to a PowerPoint or print a hard copy.
  12. Once finished, Save the chart.
  13. To open the chart again, there may be a shortcut on the user's desktop or navigate to the folder location where the chart is stored. If cannot remember the location, repeat steps 1-3, select the chart from the list and click Open.