Employee Password Policy Change FAQ

Why is the College changing these password settings?

CPCC is held to security standards developed by the state of North Carolina, the federal government and private agencies to help insure our student’s and staff’s personal data remains private.  These changes align us with these standards and those set by the PCI (Payment Card Industry).

What happens to the accounts with passwords older than 90 days once ITS makes the change?

Prior to making the change ITS will reset the accounts password age.  This will give all the accounts a 90 day period before they need to change their password.

How will I know when my password is about to expire?

You will be notified in two ways:

  1. Starting at 14 days prior to password expiration, you will receive notification from your college computer telling you when your password will expire and if you would like to change it.

  2. Starting at 14 days prior to password expiration, you will receive an automated email from the helpdesk telling you when your password will expire and steps to take to change your password.

Will these password policy changes impact the students?

No, the standards agencies we’re complying with are focused on the operational side of the college. So only employees of the college will be impacted.

I don’t have access to a college computer, how do I change my password?

From anywhere with an internet connection, you can go to CPCC’s Outlook Web Access (OWA) and select ‘Change Password’ on the left hand column. For a direct link to the ‘Change Password’ function of OWA click here

My password has expired, how do I reset it?

Please contact the CPCC ITS Help Desk at helpdesk@cpcc.edu or 704.330.5000 for assistance resetting your password.  Be prepared to answer your security questions or be able to provide proof of who you are.

What happens if I currently have a password with less than eight characters now?

The next time you reset your password you will be required to create an eight character password.

I just changed my password and my mobile device’s email stopped working, why?

Your mobile device stores your CPCC password.  You must change the password stored on the mobile device(s) anytime your password is changed.