Web Studio Package

New-webStudio Support for recording short messages using a standard theme in a controlled environment.


  • You must provide 2-weeks notice for planning
  • The entire video cannot exceed 15 minutes in duration
  • You must perform any required post-capture editing (rarely required)


We’ll provide all required cameras, lighting and microphones and help you record your presentation in a controlled studio-like environment. We’ll create and insert standard text overlays including a CPCC logo, your name and professional title. If needed, we will also incorporate desktop video, image slides, stock footage & other types of media.

The resulting video will be a high definition video file that can be shared online.

Please note: no post-capture editing will be performed by DMS.


This is an example of David Kim, Vice President, Technology / Chief Information Officer, using a virtual set as a backdrop for his discussion with Matt Rubright, Former Director Core Systems and Telecommunication Services.

This is another example of the studio using a virtual set (Green-Screen technology).

Planning your recordings

Click here to view info on how to plan your Web Studio recording.


For more information or to submit a request, contact the ITS Help Desk at 704.330.5000 or by email at, helpdesk@cpcc.edu.