Learning Technology Services

Learning Technology Services: A division of Information Technology Services

  • Promoting the effective use of technology to enhance the learning experience

This is what we do:

  1. Research - Monitor developments across the landscape of learning/instructional technology and provide organized access to in-depth and recent information on these topics.
  2. Implementation - Administer and analyze the use of new learning technology working with faculty and staff across the college.
  3. Communication - Inform the college community about developments in learning technology by various means and act as a liaison between ITS and the Learning Unity.
  4. Vision - Work with the leadership of Faculty, ITS, Learning Council and eLearning to develop a vision for the future culture of learning with technology.


Dr. Gary Ritter
Executive Director of Learning Technology Services,
and History Instructor

Don Michael, Jr.
Senior Program Coordinator
ext 3598

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