Camcorder Package

New-Camcorder You check out a camcorder kit which includes all required components from Library Services & record your own video. To get started, just submit the Equipment Reservation Form. If you’d like to edit the video(s), you can use one of the media stations in the Teaching & Innovations Center (LR405) or a you can use free online edit service like YouTube or JayCut. Once you’re done, upload it to your personal web folder on DELTA, share it with a limited group of people with Google Docs or share it with the world from YouTube. You may also choose to add it to Learning Management System (LMS) like Blackboard/Moodle.

DMS is available to help you if you get stuck along the way. DMS can even process the video for you and place it on a website or in Blackboard/Moodle for you within 5-7 business days.To request help or processing support, just contact the ITS Help Desk at 704.330.5000 or by email at,


Here are some excerpts from a dental lesson that was recorded using the camcorder kit that is available for checkout from Library Services. Video editing software and support is available at the Central Campus Innovations Center, LR405.