Frequently Asked Questions about Video Services

Here are answers to a few commonly asked questions.



Where do I go to get help recording video?

The answer to this depends on a few things. Look below the header that best describes where your video will go:


If you plan on creating a video to use for marketing a service, department or instructional program on a WTVI channel, contact Amy Burkett for help getting started.

On the web

  • If you’d like help with creating a video that will be put on the web, there are a few tools at your disposal. For example:
  • eLearning (x5000) can help you plan instructional content that you’d like to use with your classes.
  • Digital Media Services (x5000) can help record video demonstrations and lessons that include high-quality video, desktop recording and more.
  • Panopto Lecture Capture software is available for you (training required) so that you can record lessons and easily publish them online.
  • Camcorders are available for checkout at each campus Library


Are camcorders available for me to check out?

As CPCC Faculty/Staff, you have the option to check out a digital camcorder at each campus library. Click here for more information.

Does CPCC offer any kind of Lecture Capture software?

Yes, Panopto is available for all faculty/staff that have attended a required training course. To register for training, visit LearnerWeb.

Editing Video

Where can I go to edit a video that I’ve recorded?

Self-service stations loaded with video editing applications such as Movavi, Final Cut Pro, Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere and After Effects are available in the Central Campus Teaching &  Innovations Center, LR405. If you’re interested in loading a video editor application on your office computer, contact the ITS Help Desk (x5000).

Is anyone available to help me edit a video?

Yes, Digital Media Services provides basic user support for applications loaded in the Central Campus Teaching &  Innovations Center, LR405. Video editing software that’s available there includes Movavi, Final Cut Pro, Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere and After Effects. Keep in mind, DMS does not offer video editing as a service so they won’t do it for you. However, you’ll get PD credit for time spent learning the basics.

Sharing / publishing video.

How can I share a video on the web?

If you'd like to share some form of digital content, there are multiple choices to choose from. A couple popular tools are: