Lesson Capture Package

New-LessonCapture Panopto is a Lecture/Lesson Capture software application that enables you to record webcam video, your desktop screen and/or PowerPoint presentations with audio and post them online in an extraordinarily easy process. Each component is time-synced and all PowerPoint slide text is searchable.


  • Attend a brief training session (Registration available on LearnerWeb)
  • Submit an ITS Help Desk request to have the recording application installed on your office computer


Please note: webcam video is not required. Users have the option of using a webcam.

Important Note:

CPCC is currently on version 4.6 of Panopto, which was released in May, 2014. All CPCC desktop workstations have received the updated software. However, if you are using a personal computer with Panopto, please upgrade to the newest recording application. From your personal computer, you will need to log into the CPCC Lecture Capture website and click on the Download Recorder button to download the software to your PC.

More about Panopto

Panopto Tutorial Videos