Quotas and Standards

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Folder Quotas

Due to the large size of multimedia recordings, especially those that include video, IT Services has identified size quotas for each user folder on Panopto. This quota will ensure that an adequate amount of storage is available to each user.

When recordings exceed the folder limits listed below, a series of three email warnings will be sent out prior to disabling the user account.

Lecture Capture Folder Quota

Type of Recording

Audio, Screen, PowerPoint

Audio, Screen, PowerPoint & Video

18 GB

45 Hours

27 Hours

Media Standards



Primary Video

Web Ready

  • 135 MB/hr
  • 320x240 Resolution
  • 350 kbps Video
  • 48 kbps Audio
  • VC-1 Codec

High Quality Compressed and Archival DV are not recommended for any purpose.

Desktop / Screen Recording

  • 150 kbps
  • 3 Frames per Second
  • 1024x768 Screen Resolution

This will change automatically when the application is launched.

PowerPoint Presentations

  • Use of ALT+TAB when exiting slideshow view to show other applications

Users should not use ‘Exit Slideshow.’ Re-opening Slideshow will cause the Panopto recorder to upload multiple PPT files to the thinking that they are unique from one another. This results in unnecessary disk space usage.

Computer Video

  • It is not recommend to record online or downloaded videos.

The desktop recorder is only able to capture at 15 Frames Per Second (FPS) which is much lower than most videos. This will result in audio and video being out of synchronization with one another.

Auto Upload

  • It is recommended to automatically upload recordings once complete.

If folder space becomes a concern, selecting to manually upload recordings will assure that Course Folder space is not used by unnecessary recordings.