Presentation Monitors

Using the Presentation Monitors located in all CPCC Smart Classrooms, instructors may mark up any open document such as a Powerpoint presentation, MS Word document, spread sheet, or other similar application.  Users may also use Flow!Works, special software installed with these Presentation Monitors, to write and draw on the screen. Additionally, users may embed and comment on videos, photos, and other types of files as well as much more.

To get started, take a moment to view some of the following videos.

Play Using the Start Menu

Play Creating Slides

Play Using the Pens

Play Annotation, Selecting, and Embedding

Play Using the Textbox and Screen Keyboard

Play Inserting Media Files

Play Screen Recording

Play Spotlight and Wrap Screen 

Play Protractor, Compass, and Ruler

Play Introduction to the Functional Panel

Play External Resource Image

Play The Geometry Pallette

Play The User Manager