Using Captions

DVD Movies

To display captions, the media that is being played must contain Closed Captions.
The standard movie player on CPCC Smart Classroom computers is Windows Media Player. If a user inserts a standard DVD movie into the disk player of the computer simply double-clicking on the movie in My Computer will launch Windows Media Player.


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Launch Windows Media Player and turn-on Closed Captions



Other Types of Videos

Video that is not on a DVD or online is usually referred to as a ‘file’. These can be AVI, FLV, MOV, MP4, WMV or some other file format. Usually, these videos are located on the computer or some removable storage device such as a flash drive. Though these videos may contain forced-subtitles, they will not contain Closed Captions. If subtitles are burned into the file (or ‘forced’) they will always appear on the video when it’s played. There is no way to turn these subtitles off so it is very easy to tell if your video has them.

Captions in YouTube
To turn on/off subtitles in YouTube, just click on the CC icon on the right side of the movie player.