Using Universal Subtitles

You can add captions manually to your videos by using “Universal Subtitles editor”. This editor will generate  a caption file in  "SRT" format, a text file with timing. You can use this caption file to provide subtitles to videos hosted at YouTube, Vimeo or any other media services.

TIP: Save time by generating a caption file automatically using YouTube Auto-captioning tool. It does a remarkable job , however, you may need to correct the file. After downloading a 'machine-generated' caption file with YouTube, upload it to Universal Subtitles to modify the caption file.

This tutorial will help you generate a Subtilte file with Universal Subtiltles and import it into a YouTube video.


Step 1: Create a Subtitle file, you will need to create a 'Universal Subtitles' account
Step 2: Download Subtitle fie (SRT file)
Step 3: Upload Subtiltle file (SRT file) to YouTube


About Universal Subtitles

Universal Subtitles" is a free service that provides an application to create closed caption files.


  • Browser Requirements: Java enable and capable of playing HTLM 5/OGG video. Internet Explorer 9, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome.
  • Must agree to Universal Subtitles Terms of Service.


  • Supports popular video hosting providers such as YouTube, Vimeo,
  • It advocates collaborative subtitling: you may form teams for subtitling a program, topic, tracking tasks and recruiting help for transcribing or translating a video.