Multimedia Accessibility

Adding captions to your videos is a way to make them more accessible to viewers with disabilities and to make them easier to comprehend.

This section guides you through:

  • Using Closed Captions
    Since many published videos already have captions, this tutorial will help you learn how to utilize them effectively.
  • Creating Closed Captions

    Captioning a video is to create a transcription of what is been said so that it'll appear as it's said. The process is rather simple. It can be done manually, which tends to be more accurate, or using an automatic workflow, which can be faster but often requires some corrections.

    In both cases, you’ll end up with a text file containing subtitles and the time each should be displayed. Here is how to get started:
    1. Manually:  Using "Universal Subtitles
    2. Machine Generated: Auto-Captioning with YouTube

    A workflow that combines the use of automatic and manual processes makes sense to save time and effort .