Troubleshooting Steps

Frozen Connection

    If for whatever reason during the live broadcast the video becomes frozen or stops playing, please attempt to refresh the window by pressing the "Refresh" button within the player window:


    Web Player Doesn't Display

      If you browsed to the Digital Media Services Live Broadcast page and the web player does not appear, please attempt the following:

          • Force refresh the webpage, by pressing and holding the CTRL key and press F5 one time. The page should reload momentarily.


          • Download the latest version of Flash Media Player (see above notice). Once downloaded, browse back to the Digital Media Services Live Broadcast page and press the "Refresh" button in your browser or press the F5 key one time.



      Note: If you are viewing the live broadcasted event from a classroom in a group setting, you will need to occassionally move the mouse to prevent the computer from locking or going into power-save mode.

      If you have any questions regarding the basic requirements shown above and/or are experiencing difficulty viewing a live broadcast and have followed the steps above, please contact the ITS Helpdesk for further assistance: