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Left Menu Window: includes the Left Menu bar and the Target Area. Below is a description of each menu option.


The button “Overview” leads to a welcome page, were you get some short explanations about the menu items of the left menu bar.

 Classroom Manager Icon

Within Classroom Manager, hide or show computers per double click. More actions can be found in the context menu of a computer or classroom.

NOTE: The Add Computer and Add Classroom options, though still visible, are disabled. Please avoid confusion by refraining from selecting these options from the menu.


Snapshots are desktop screenshots of a connected pc screen. You can create them in the “view only” mode or remote control mode. In this area you are able to manage your snapshots. Click on the button “Show snapshot” to view the snapshot you have selected. Click on the button “Delete snapshot” to delete the selected snapshot. Click on “Refresh list” to refresh the list of snapshots.