Obtaining Publisher Approval


In order to assist you in obtaining proper permissions form Publishing Companies to convert and/or modify content that may be protected under Copyright, Digital Media Services has collected the following information for you to reference.


In what format is the current media?

DVD, VHS, Audio Cassette, Micro-Cassette, DV Cassette, U-Matic Cassette, Beta SX, other

Provide the Publishing Company an accurate description of their title. If a DVD came with a textbook, include the ISBN Number. If it is outdated, include the publish date.

To what format would you like to convert to?

CD, DVD, DV-Tape, Web-Based audio/video, Network-Based audio/video

Consider the audience that will be viewing the converted media. If the media will be used only by students enrolled in specific classes there is a benefit when viewers will need to login to Blackboard or Moodle to access the content.  Likewise, if the converted content will only be played during an in-person class or lab, publishers may not be as concerned with possibilities for unlawful duplication.





Analog Media

Media that must be played through an analog device such as a VCR, Audio cassette player, or other ___device.

VHS Cassettes, Audio Cassettes, Micro-cassettes, U-Matic Cassettes, Beta

Digital Media

Media that may be played back on a digital player or standard computer workstation

CD, DVD, DV-Tape, Web-Based audio/video, Network-Based audio/video

Physical Media

Content that resides on a physical cassette tape or optical disk

CD, DVD, Cassette, etc…

Web-Based Media

Content that is presented through a web page and may be accessible from any computer with internet access

Online video embedded in Blackboard or Moodle, Video that plays on a web page

Network Based Media

Content that plays back from specific CPCC computers without the need to insert any physical media - but is not accessible through a web page or outside the college network

American Sign Language Lab Videos on the T-Drive, Adult Basic Literacy Tarmac audio files,


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