Webcams are great for creating easy video recordings or enhancing live communication over the internet.

Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting a webcam:

Operating System Compatibility: Most webcams will operate on both Windows and Macintosh but you might want to verify this.

Built-In Microphone: Having a built-in microphone is quite handy for live communication or simply for recording audio.

Resolution: For still photo capturing and live video communication, IT Services recommends a minimum resolution of 640x480.

Frames per Second: FPS is very important in displaying video in “real-time.” Anything over 25 frames-per-second appear as “real-time” video.

Backlight Technology: Each distributor may call this feature by a different name, but the specification this refers to is otherwise known as “exposure.” Backlight technology offers significant exposure adjustment for low-light environments and is able to compensate to provide adequate lighting during use.

For assistance with choosing a device, please check the IT Services Equipment Standards website or contact the Helpdesk.