Multimedia Standards

The video format of a multimedia file varies greatly depending on where the content's publishing location and who the viewing audience will be.

Website Multimedia

The standard video format to be used when publishing multimedia content to the web is a Flash Video file (.FLV). By publishing this type of multimedia file to the web, it embeds a built-in media player on the desired page for user playback control.

This specific format is used for the following reasons:

Progressive Download

- Users can begin watching the video immediately and download the file in the background.

Universal Playback Capability

- Flash Video files play back consistently on both Mac’s and PC’s when using the college recommended browsers..

Ease of Use

- Since the multimedia file is embedded with a media player on the webpage, control of playback is intuitive and easy to learn.

Specific file attributes have been standardized and listed below for your reference:

Aspect Ratio
Frame Rate
Video Bitrate
Audio Bitrate
30 fps
384 kbps
64 kbps

View results from a comprehensive video file analysis conducted by Digital Media Services.

Faculty/Staff have access to the Central Campus Teaching Commons (Learning Resource building, room 405) which contains all of the necessary equipment and resources to properly convert your multimedia to the Flash Video (.FLV) format.


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