Office of the CIO


Administrative Information Services (AIS)

AIS handles the application development and ERP and other client services areas for the college.  These tools include Datatel, CPCC Login, Online Schedule, AdAstra and more.

  • Computer Information Services (CIS) - This team primarily develops application that involve the integration of ERP (Datatel) data with online applications (CPCC Login, Online Schedule, COD, and more).

  • ERP Team - The ERP team handles the Datatel system as well as other important system like AdAstra and Report to Web.

  • College Administration Support Training -


Customer Services (CS)

  • Client Services (CS) -This team encompasses the ITS Helpdesk, technology deployments, technology inventory and the annual technology acquisition and distribution process.

  • Campus Technology Services (CTS) - This oversees the student technology centers, classroom technology refresh process and area campus onsite support.


Emerging Technology (ET)

Web Design and Development in delivering service and support to clients. Manages the design, development, maintenance and overall general architecture of institutional websites.

  • Web and Application Development - This team oversees the development of the website along with the employee intranet and other web applications.

  • Digital Media Services (DMS) - The team that designs & deploys all audiovisual and control technology in classrooms, conference rooms and theaters and handles digital signage & online media systems administration and support.


Learning Technology Services (LTS)

LTS handles the needs of instruction and faculty.  This team works closely with faculty to ensure that classroom and instruction needs are met effectively.


Technology Infrastructure Services (TIS)

TIS manages all of CPCC's technology infrastructure related systems and services.  This includes, but is not limited to desktop management, classroom setup, physical infrastructure, networking, server, telecommunications and technology integration for construction and renovation projects.

  • Core Systems and Telecommunications Services (CSS) - This team is responsible for data center administration, servers, storage and storage networks, backup, and telecommunications.

  • Infrastructure Systems and Services (ISS) - This team is responsible for desktop management, classroom setup, wired and wireless networking, data/structure cabling and fiber optics, leased circuits, backup battery power systems, and environmental monitoring.

  • Security Infrastructure Systems (SIS) - This team is responsible for information security policy management, intrusion detection and prevention, anti-virus/malware management and life safety technology administration.