Advising - FAQ 1

In order to provide the highest possible quality of education, most programs at institutes of higher learning are ever-evolving to stay on the cutting edge - this is especially true for programs that are rooted in technology. The Information Technology field is experiencing advances at an incredible pace, and as such, we must fine-tune and expand our program offerings each year, and sometimes each semester. We know that this can be confusing for first-time students and continuing education students alike. Hopefully this page will serve to answer many of your questions about your program of study and the best path to achieving your goals.

Program Evaluation - What Is It and Where Can I See Mine?

Your Program Evaluation is basically a running total of the course credits you have earned or those for which you are presently enrolled (in progress) and which course credits you still need to complete your program of study. In other words, it's a snap shot of your progress at any given time during your enrollment at CPCC. Your Program Evaluation is also used to determine your eligibility for graduation, so it's important that you be familiar with it and that it remains accurate. You may view your own Program Evaluation by logging in at and navigating to the Students Menu. Under the Academic Profile heading, click on the link for "Program Evaluation" and select your current program of study. Click the submit button to view your personal Program Evaluation.  In another form:

Academic Profile >>  Program Evaluation >> Select Program of study with the button OR choose another program from the drop-down >> Select the year (usually the most recent) if prompted. This page is the "master" document explaining what you need for that program.

Note that the results from the program evaluation are straight from the computer that manages the school's systems- it has more validity than any counselor or printed document, so if you find discrepancies, please bring them up with an advisor, and always return to this form to check your status, and what you need to graduate. You should be in the program you want, and that should show on this Select Program of Study page. If it does not, contact your advisor with your full name and numeric student ID and ask to be added to your desired program.

Course Substitutions

Several of the courses listed in your program guide can be substituted with another course that offers related content. Other courses that were required in recent years have been replaced by a newer course as we transition to a centralized approach that centers around the Computer Technology Integration core curriculum. During this transitional period, students who have completed the courses that have now been retired will receive credit for those courses toward their graduation, while students who have recently enrolled are encouraged to follow the newly outlined path. Because your situation will vary based on your enrollment year and projected graduation date, you may need to seek approval for some course substitutions to be reflected in your Program Evaluation.


NOS110 CTS120 CTI130 N/A
CET111 CET211 CTI130 N/A
WEB111 WEB120 N/A sub a graphics or SGD class if required
WEB119 CTI110 if required
WEB220 CTI289 or CTS240

I Still Have Questions - Who Can I Ask for Help?

If you need one-on-one assistance with your questions about your degree path and the options available to you, you should first try to schedule an appointment with the IT Curriculum Coach Stephen Rice. If for some reason he is not available, we recommend that you contact the Program Chair for your course of study. You may also visit either the IT Advanced Lab during normal business hours (or when a lab assistant who specializes in your area of need is scheduled to be in the lab) and someone may be able to assist you. Make certain to bring your program evaluation with you to your advisement session.