Associates Degrees

The Information Technology Division offers an Associate in Applied Science Degree: Computer Technology Integration (CTI)

Computer Technology Integration - A25500

An Associate in Applied Science degree is earned after completing approximately 72 credit hours of guided coursework at CPCC. In order to obtain the A25500 degree, new and incoming students must complete the core requirements of the Computer Technology Integration degree along with a Diploma in their chosen field of specialization. A minimum of 21 credit hours must be earned at CPCC.

This program is designed so students complete one of eight diplomas to satisfy technical requirements while completing this degree program; they may also complete one or more of the certificates. Students may complete a certificate or diploma without embarking upon the degree. Students should begin with the Computer Technology Integration Foundations certificate (C25500-C3), which consists of five courses. Four of these courses cover the IT competencies defined by the Department of Education within the four IT Career Clusters; the fifth is to fulfill the state technology requirement.