IT Programs

Degrees and Diplomas

Our primary mission is workforce development for Mecklenburg and surrounding counties. To support that mission, we are upgrading our programs with new degree, diploma and certificate options. The biggest change includes the inauguration of the Computer Technology Integration degree (A25500), which consists of a core set of general information technology courses to provide all IT students with a solid foundation in the fundamentals of the field. All new and incoming students who wish to earn an Associate's degree from CPCC's IT Division will be required to complete the coursework to earn the CTI degree along with additional coursework devoted to concentration in any of our specialties (in the form of a diploma) in a specific field within the IT industry.

Certificates of Specialization

We know that many of our students are working toward an Associate's degree in their spare time while working full or part time. For these students especially, completing all of the required coursework to earn a degree may take an indefinite amount of time, but many of the courses we offer can serve in combination with a handful of other courses to demonstrate a level of expertise deserving of recognition along the way. As such, we have restructured our programs to rely less on a semesterly approach in favor of pursuing certificates of specialization along the way. These milestones can be achieved with as little as 15-18 credit hours of completed coursework and will allow students to seek out opportunities for advancement in the workplace while continuing to work toward a formal degree.