Industry Certifications

In addition to the certificates of specialization offered through CPCC, many of the companies and professional organizations who are responsible for the development of industry-leading technologies and programming languages offer certification exams in a specific area of expertise. If you plan to work in one of these industries or professional fields, you should note that many potential employers view these certifications as being (often equally) as important as a college degree.

In order to give yourself every possible edge in a competitive job market, you should plan to sit for those certification exams that apply to your professional field. Note: Industry Certifications are not the same thing as CPCC's Certificates of Specialization - they require a passing score on an exam administered by the company or organization responsible for a proprietary technology. The courses which lead up to a certificate from CPCC are excellent tools to prepare to sit for an industry certification exam.


CompTIA A+
2 CTI-130 OS & Device Foundations
CompTIA Network+
1 CTI-120 Network & Security Foundations
CompTIA Security+
1 SEC-110 Security Concepts
CompTIA Linux+
2 NOS-120 Linux/UNIX Single User

LPI Linux Essentials
1 NOS-120 Linux/UNIX Single User

MOS - Microsoft Office Specialist
4 CIS-110 Introduction to Computers
Microsoft Specialist Certification in Windows 7
1 NOS-130 Windows Single User
Microsoft MCSA Enterprise/Server Support Professional

MTA Windows Server Administration Fundamentals

NOS-230 Windows Admin I,
NOS-231 Windows Admin II and
NOS-232 Windows Admin III

CCNA: Cisco Certified Networking Associate
2 NET-125 Networking Basics
NET-126 Routing Basics
NET-225 Routing & Switching I
NET-226 Routing & Switching II

ACE: AccessData Certified Examiner
1 CCT-240 Data Recovery Techniques
CCT-241 Advanced Data Recovery