Faculty Resources

Frequently Used Sites ** (see note for important warnings)

  • CAW - Course Administration Webtools - including Resources, Blackboard & Moodle - Combine Sections, Imp. Dates, Classroom Setup Request, Class Email, CODs

Use "cpcc\" before your login ID when outside of the CPCC intranet. Most tools best perform using IE.

The following tools are only accessible from inside of CPCC intranet or by using the CPCC Cloud (formerly Citrix):



The following is a list of services available to each employee

To request new service or make changes to an existing service, please submit a service request. For assistance with or questions about a service, contact the ITS Help Desk.

  • Document Imaging- Singularity - Singularity is the electronic document storage system for CPCC. Select this link to access the system.
  • E-Directory - Online Searchable Directory of Faculty, Staff, and Department contact information.
  • E-mail - Can be accessed on your desktop using MS Outlook, or from anywhere on the internet using Webmail.
  • Employee Print Management - Access this system to manage your employee print account and balances.
  • Employee Profile Manager Tool - You can upload your picture, add links to your favorite web sites, list your responsibilities, educational background and experience, publications, and other information you would like to share about yourself.
  • Multi-Function Printers (MFPs) Find out information about multi-function printers including who to contact for support/supplies, what abilities they have, and how printing is managed through these devices.
  • Network Accounts Each employee (full or part time) is required to have a network user id and password which is used to access the CPCC network and online services, including the college e-mail system, shared network drives, individual network storage, and any specialized access needed for specific positions.
  • Network Account Management Tool - With this online tool you can: Change your password, set your Secret Questions, see your MFP Print Account PIN# and Balance.
  • Network File Storage (Share Drives) - Store work related files securely on the CPCC network and enjoy the benefits of regular backups and access to the files from anywhere on the internet.
    • H-Drive – Network File Storage for Departments. Store shared files in your department share on the H-Drive.
    • U-Drive – Network File Storage for each employee. If you use 'My Documents' while logged into a College workstation, you are already using your U-Drive.
    • Reports to Web Distributed Student Information System Reporting Tool .
    • Sharepoint Team Services Web-based information sharing software for college teams. Collaboration and team communication tools that integrate with Microsoft Office applications to make file sharing easy. more...
    • Software Acquisition Find out how to get access to Microsoft software packages for a discounted price
    • Student Opinion Survey Reports - See the results of your student opinion surveys
    • Techplan requests - Technology planning requests must be approved by the Division Director before submission.
    • Webspace for Employees Using your U-Drive, you can you can host publicly available web pages via people.cpcc.edu.
    • WebEx - A learning and productivity tool that provides for interactive real-time (synchronous) video conferencing that can be used in your class or used to host a meeting
    • Wireless Network Information about CPCC's wireless networks


      ** Note that some systems, particularly those within college/datatel, do not handle Chrome when used to enter dates (i.e. course override, or last date attended). To get to some systems from outside the domain (i.e. home) use cpcc\ followed by your employee ID.