How do I get started?

    To get started at CPCC, click on this page.

    Who is my Faculty Advisor?

    Once you are enrolled in a degree or certificate program, request an appointment with your faculty advisor.
    See the Faculty Advisors list.

    Program Evaluation - What Is It and Where Can I See Mine?

      Your program evaluation is basically a running total of the course credits you have earned or those for which you are presently enrolled (in progress) and which course credits you still need to complete your program of study. In other words, it's a snap shot of your progress at any given time during your enrollment at CPCC. Your program evaluation is also used to determine your eligibility for graduation, so it's important that you be familiar with it and that it remains accurate. You may view your own program evaluation by logging in at http://mycollege.cpcc.edu and navigating to the Students Menu. Under the Academic Profile heading, click on the link for "Program Evaluation" and select your current program of study. Click the submit button to view your personal Program Evaluation.  In another form:

      Academic Profile >>  Program Evaluation >> Select Program of study with the button OR choose another program from the drop-down >> Select the year (usually the most recent) if prompted. This page is the "master" document explaining what you need for that program.

        Course Substitutions

          Several of the courses listed in your program evaluation may be substituted with other courses that offer related content. Our technology courses are continually updated and replaced by newer courses as the core subject material of IT is continually changing and evolving. Because your situation will vary based on your enrollment year and projected graduation date, you may need to seek approval for some course substitutions to be reflected in your program evaluation. Contact your faculty advisor regarding course substitutions.


          Due to the inherent rapid and continual changes in Information Technology, course substitutions and/or transfer credit for technology courses will only be considered for courses that are less than 5 years old.

          Students enrolled in IT programs catalog years 2015/2016 and forward, BUS courses will no longer substitute for CTS115.

          What are the Gen Ed Electives for the A25590 degrees?

          For all A25590 degrees:

          ENG111 and ENG112 or ENG114


          Humanities/Fine Arts:

          Social/Behavioral Sciences:

          Math elective may vary between degrees; see the current advising sheets for math requirements

          What should I do if...

          • I need to change my program of study?
            Ask your faculty advisor to change your program.

          • I need to figure out what classes to take next semester.
            Do a program evaluation, look at what's offered next semester and review the suggested plan of study published by your department and plan accordingly. Be sure to focus on classes that are offered less often (i.e. 200-level, or rare sections) and take them when they are offered.

          • Graduation/Certificate: I want to graduate or get a certificate. What do I do?

          You should apply a semester in advance  (after registering for all courses required to finish the program) or early during your final semester in order to get your certificate at the end of the semester you earn it.

          Check your program evaluation and make sure you've fulfilled all the requirements, or will complete them in time for your graduation/completion date.

          If the student is in the certificate/graduation program, they can apply online through MyCollege. Login to MyCollege, Select Student Menu and Click Graduation application.

          MyCollege >> Student >> Graduation Application

          If the student is not active in the program, click here to get a paper application https://www.cpcc.edu/graduation/forms . Complete the application and submit it to the graduation office. You can ask your faculty advisor to make you active in the program.

          • Unavailable Class: The class I need is no longer offered or not offered when I need it?

          This issue is common, but usually dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Usually the simple solution is a substitution for an equivalent class that is offered. Consult your faculty advisor, and s/he can make recommendations and request the substitutions. These substitutions usually apply to a specific program, so if a class is needed for both a certificate and a degree, you may need two substitutions.

          • Test-out: I already have the skills required for the class I'm supposed to take. Can I test out?
            • Some classes have standardized test-out procedures, and others do not, or are dealt with on a case-by-case basis. You'll need to consult with your faculty advisor to determine the policy for that course.
            • Note that CPCC does not award credit for prior experience

          • I have an industry recognized certification (CCNA, A+, etc.) Can it take the place of a class?
            • Several nationally recognized industry certifications may be substituted for classes.  Ask your faculty advisor for more information if you hold an industry certification.
            • Note that due to the inherent rapid and continual changes in Information Technology, certifications will only be considered for course substitutions that are less than 5 years old regardless of expiration date.

            I Still Have Questions - Who Can I Ask for Help?

            Call our Division office at 704-330-6549 for assistance. You may also contact the faculty advisor in your program of study. For specific course help, please utilize any of the IT Division Labs during normal business hours and a lab facilitator may be able to assist you.