Web Technologies - Overview


Course work in this program covers the terminology and use of computers, network devices, networks, servers, databases, applications, programming languages, web applications, and site development and design. Studies will provide opportunity for students to learn related industry standards.

Graduates should qualify for career opportunities as designers, administrators, or developers in the areas of web applications, websites, web services, and related areas of distributed computing.

The expanding integration of WEB technologies into businesses has resulted in a growing need for specialists who can develop and support Internet and intranet applications. The growth of electronic commerce means that more establishments use the Internet to conduct their business online. The introduction of the wireless Internet, known as WiFi, creates new systems to be analyzed and new data to be administered.

The spread of such new technologies translates into a need for information technology professionals who can help organizations use technology to communicate with employees, clients, and consumers. Explosive growth in these areas also is expected to fuel demand for specialists who are knowledgeable about network, data, and communications security.

Optimum/Recommended Plan of Study

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