Simulation & Game Development - Plan of Study

SGD  Forward

Semester One:
ENG 111  Expository Writing
SGD 111  Introduction to SGD 
SGD 112  SGD Design  
SGD 114  3D Modeling   
SGD Technical Elective       
Semester Two:
SGD Technical Elective      
SGD 113  SGD Programming   
SGD 212  SGD Design II   
SGD 232  Survey of Game Engines  
Humanities / Fine Arts Elective    

COM 110  Introduction to Communication  
    (COM 120 or COM 231 may substitute)
SGD Technical Elective     
Technical Elective     

Semester Three:
SGD 213  SGD Programming II   
SGD 214  3D Modeling II   
SGD 116     Graphic Design Tools  
SGD Technical Elective 
MAT 121  Algebra/Trigonometry I 

Semester Four:
ENG 114  Professional Research & Reporting  
    (ENG 112 or ENG 113 may substitute)
SGD Technical Elective       
SGD 289  SGD Project  
Behavioral/Social Studies Elective    
Technical Elective        

Students must select a minimum of 27 credit hours electives. 18 hours must be from SGD prefix; 9 hours must be none-SGD prefix from the following course prefixes: ARC, ART, BUS, CIS, COE, CSC, CTS, DAN, DBA, DDF, DEA, DES, DFT, DME, DRA, ECO, ENT, FVP, GAM, GRA, GRD, GIS, MUS, NET, NOS, PHO, SGD, SGR, and WEB.

Total Credit Hours: 69