Cyber Crime & Information Systems Security


The Computer Technology Integration (CTI) degree combined with special skills attained through the D25500-D6 diploma prepares individuals with the skills required to implement effective and comprehensive information security controls.

Course work includes networking technologies, operating systems administration, information policy, intrusion detection, security administration, and industry best practices to protect data communications.

Graduates should be prepared for employment as security administrators.  Additionally, they will acquire the skills that allow them to pursue security certifications.

This field expects explosive growth for at least the next decade.  Students receive significant hands on experience in the study of Security Infrastructure and Administration. The primary emphasis will be the implementation of a secure, reliable and robust network infrastructure and directory service environment.

Information Systems Security is designed to prepare students for a variety of roles within the IT Security and broader IT fields. In the Post 9/11 environment IT Security has become critical. Privacy, Identity Theft, liability issues and loss of critical business functions have caused firms to consider IT security a core business requirement.

Optimum/Recommended Plan of Study

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