Computer Technology Integration - Overview

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The Computer Technology Integration (CTI) degree is designed to provide students with a foundation in the basics of computer technology, including: Operating systems and device operations; Web technology, database & computer programming; Networking and information security; Information business concepts.

This program is comprised of certificates, diplomas, and a degree that will allow for specialization and focus in a number of technical disciplines after the completion of these foundation courses.  Students should enroll in both the degree and the diploma of their choice if they are certain of their matriculation plans, or enroll in C25500-C3 if not confident in their selection.  In addition to providing a foundation, this certificate will provide valuable insight into all areas and allow for networking and discussions that lead to more informed decision making when selecting a specialty.

Graduates should qualify for a wide variety of computer related entry-level positions that provide opportunities for advancement with increasing experience and ongoing training.  Students should explore specifics of each discipline to ascertain the potential industry certifications that the training will prepare them to complete.