Graduate Honors

Congratulations to CPCC Interpreter Education Alumna Nolan Vaughan (Class of 2013) on her recent acceptance into the Sorenson VRS Interpreting Institute (VRSII) School to Work Program! This highly competitive program accepts only 12 students from across the nation each year and has a rigorous application process. Nolan will receive a summer of intensive mentoring and interaction with interpreters and members of the Deaf community in an all-expenses-paid summer at Sorenson Communications Headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. Nolan is the third student in the CPCC Interpreter Education Program to be accepted into this prestigious program which is in its 10th year. We are so pleased for Nolan and know that she will have an excellent experience this summer!



Congratulations to Baird Yasenchok, a 2014 graduate of Central Piedmont Community College’s (CPCC) Interpreter Education Program (IEP). Yasenchok was recently accepted into Video Relay Services Interpreting Institute’s (VRSII) School to Work (STW) program.

The STW program is highly competitive, renowned for accepting only 12 students from across the country into its 12-week program, held at its main campus in Salt Lake City, Utah. Class sizes are kept small so students can receive the one-on-one attention they need while working on specific interpreting skills.

Yasenchok has been participating in workshops, internships and one-on-one mentorship opportunities since arriving at the educational institution in June. She is excited about the skills training she is receiving at VRSII, which will not only prepare her for the national certification exam, but also move her confidently into the professional interpreting environment.

“CPCC’s IEP prepared me well for the VRSII experience,” said Yasenchok. “While many students in my cohort are reeling at the thought of ethics discussions, deliberate practice and detailed self-analysis, I feel right at home. I have the CPCC IEP faculty to thank for this; they invested in the college’s program and made it what it is today.

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