iASL Club News and Events

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The purpose of the iASL Club is to foster and encourage involvement in the Deaf Community in the Charlotte region. Students plan events with the Deaf Community and attend events in the Deaf Community.  

In the past, the student club has also participated in the ASL Festival in Boston, NCSD's Homecoming, Deaf Expo and Gallaudet's Homecoming in Washington,DC. The iASL Club can be contacted at  iaslclubcpcc@gmail.com or visit "CPCC ASL IEP" on Facebook.

2014-2015 Officers

President - Rodney Lebon
Vice-President - Allison Rowland
Secretary - Amoy George
Treasurer - Susan Bradley
SGA Representative - Beth Ebert Ostgaard


Membership is open to ALL ASL and IPP students! Dues are $5.00 per semester!

Meetings are as scheduled in the Cato 1 ASL Lab.