All sponsored students are required to provide an updated letter of sponsorship each semester. It is your responsibility to submit the updated letter before the tuition due date. Your sponsor will then be billed for your tuition and fees for that semester.

* NOTE: Students sponsored by the Saudi Cultural Mission are responsible for covering the cost of all fees associated with their tuition.

North Carolina Nonprofit Entity Sponsorship

G.S. 115D-39 (c) A nonprofit charitable or religious corporation or civil league may sponsor a person lawfully admitted to the United States and living in this state who attends a community college. In this case the nonprofit charitable or religious corporation will pay the in-state tuition rate on behalf of the student. The entity must meet the following conditions:

  • Be incorporated under the laws of North Carolina.
  • Submit to the college a copy of the entity's article of incorporation and federal tax identification number or federal employer's identification.
  • Submit a signed affidavit agreeing to pay the student's tuition and required fees.
  • May not sponsor more than five students per year under this provision.
  • Pay the in state tuition and required educational fees using  a check bearing the printed name of the nonprofit charitable or religious corporation.