Social Security Number/Taxes

F-1 students are only eligible to receive a Social Security Number if they will receive payment for on or off campus employment with the proper authorization from USCIS. For students entering Health Science programs, please remember that a social security number may be required depending on your program for state licensure. We can assist you in finding on campus employment.


Most international students are required to file federal income tax forms regardless of if you were employed in the U.S. Free tax assistance is available to CPCC students through our Single Stop office.

Tax season in the U.S. is between January 1 through April 15 in most cases. All international students and their dependents are required to file IRS Form 8843. during the tax period. Students who earned income in the U.S. are required to file other tax forms in addition to Form 8843 so please be sure to check with a tax professional to ensure you have filed required forms be the deadline. The IRS Tax Guide for Aliens is available for additional information.

Note* The IRS has issued warnings to protect people from potential scam phone calls from criminals claiming to be from the IRS in an attempt to get your personal information or money. They have provided tips to help you avoid falling victim to a scam. IRS Alert Scam Phone Calls

*This information is intended for information use only as the International Programs and Services staff are not qualified to provide tax advice and disclaims any and all liability resulting from providing this information.